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  Ashley (6874742)
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About Me

What's up? My name is Ashley. I have been on horseland for 9 years. I am 24 years old and live in California USA. I have a wonderful boyfriend in real life who is joining the Police Department in San Diego, CA USA. I love horses but they are not my favorite animal. My favorite animal is the Tiger Shark, yes, a fish is my favorite animal. I have a few friends on here, as you can see. I am not very social and do not talk to a lot of people, so I try to keep to my real friends. If you wanna be friends with me, message me first :)

Oak Tree Farm

I breed draft thoroughbreds. I will not sell any unless requested upon and I will let you know if the horse is eligible for sale. I am not willing to sell my favorite horses. All sales will be 5k, no more no less. I will allow breeding without a stud waiting list, as long as you breed thoroughbreds. If I find that my horses did not breed to a thoroughbred, the stud waiting list will be applied. I will not be retiring any horses until they turn 21 years old. If you have questions, just ask.

Contact Info

This is for Moderators only, for important info:

Player Points: 388006
Stable: Oak Tree Ranch

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 397

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☪ Starla ♥ RHT ~ ©  Premium Member looking for houses to buy now since it's cheaper than renting... 3 hours ago
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whim.brelle ♔  Premium Member new premade up! 5 hours ago
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River  I need a trainer and somene to make me a Retirement graphic 5 hours ago
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`Sebastian  I lost all my old messages so if i haven't replied to you that's the reason, my apologies. 7 hours ago
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Indigo Royale » Learning   If you manage to send me a friend request, you're using your brain :P 16 hours ago
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Aimer  Training..... I can add 20-50K to someones horse 2 days ago
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Megan da Racer♡  BEAUTIFUL shire RACERS for bid! 3 days ago
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Kenna  Premium Member Write what you are doing right now 3 days ago
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Jumpers Club  Two days left to enter the mascot contest! 7 days ago
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atrocity  Premium Member Moderator 5 hours ago
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Àcura Designs © ♥  Mare #15445439 Bred >> Stalliion #15443132 - Foal #15451278 Born 2 days ago
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Owned by Ashley

Bentley - 18.1 - Yearling (15450078) - Thoroughbred - Stallion (338 day(s). )
Kinley - 18.2 - Colt (15450251) - Thoroughbred - Stallion (336 day(s). )
Maya - 18.0 - FIlly (15450442) - Thoroughbred - Mare (348 day(s). )
Natalia - 16.3 - Yearling (15449599) - Thoroughbred - Mare (339 day(s). )
Sophie - 17.3 - Mare (15444320) - Thoroughbred - Mare * CURRENTLY RIDING * (339 day(s). )

Owned by Ashley
No dogs

Last show was set up on 8/2/2018
Horse ShowsStyleStatusStart DateOpen UntilEnter
4th Of July Show (#1077327) Jumping Closed 6/29/2018 7/4/2018 Closed

Dog ShowsStatusStart DateOpen Until
Doggie Show (#321844) Closed 8/2/2018 8/3/2018

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