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About the Creature Behind the Screen

Oh well hi there. My name is The x Sapphire x Eclipse. My former name had been SapphirEclipse. Call me Sapphie, Lou, L, Gus, whatever the heck you want. I really have no preference. I've been playing this game since the early 2008 and have no idea why I decided to come back but, here I am. I'm a huge anime lover and gamer here and there. I'm pretty old (in the 20's) will not be releasing my full age. I'm a huge vaper. Yes I'll still vape even if you don't like smoking. I'm a pan...ual female please ask if you don't know the true definition don't just assume I'm Bi because I'm not. I suppose I'm friendly as I don't bite....only nibble. If you send a random friend request I will accept though, if you're arrogant or rude I do know how to block and won't think twice upon it. As long as you're friendly I'll be friendly ^_^. I own a couple of horses, a lot of cattle, pigs, goats, and a sassy puppy in real life. I've graduated high school and college at a fairly young age (to get it done and over with). I also do a lot of custom coloring. Message me and I'll message back.. Yeah I'm kinda boring...Sorry. I used to run the proud gang of Tsuyoi. I'm sad to say that it's no longer up and running. If someone from the past wants to RP it once again I will gladly re start something along the lines of after Lou left. I will not accept any new members.

Message to all my Old Friends

I'd really appreciate the read

Hello all you lovely darlings! If you were ever in the Tsuyoi Gang I'm very sorry for the abandonment to the Gang. In real life I was becoming someone that I didn't even recognize. I'm also sorry to all the friends that I had who I up and left on. It was never my intention on hurting anyone and I am very sorry if I had hurt any of you in the process. Just know I still love and hold you all close to my heart. Just know I'm in a way better place then when I was on previous years ago. If I never talk to any of you again just know the memories will always be cherished! With all the magic and love in the world ~TheSapphirEclipse

About Blue Field Stables

Welcome to my Stables! Here at Blue Fields I work on different generations instead of lines.

*I usually have foals up for sale.

*I typically sell horses that can still be breed.

*Please respect the price on my horses or if they are up for bid please do not bid below 100. If the horse is old message me and I will work out a deal with you.

*Retirement horses I tend to like out of my stables so I can have more room for the new Generations. I don't like sending them to the pasture but, have done it in the past.

*I don't just give away my horses. ?br?
*Some horses are competitors or I get them prepared to be in competition. These I typically sell higher.

*All my horses tend to have points. (If they don't have any when you first look they will be receiving them.)

*If a horse is not up for sale and you do want the horse message me. Rare case I will sell it for a price but, typically I won't.

*Please do not steal my custom coloring art. I put a lot of time into doing it and would appreciate it if you'd ask instead of just take. Thank you!

*If you need help please do not hesitate to ask!

Blue Field Training and Breeding

All my Studs are down below.

I do some training on other peoples horses. Please message me to look more into it. I don't do discounts as I believe in a full fair price which is what I sell or train the horses at. Dog training tickets are always up for sale. I will train the Dog for you if you so choose. I don't breed them on here and won't be starting so unlike my horse tickets, dog tickets will not be limited.

Role Playing

I have a few strict rules about Role Playing and just some general information on how I do things.

*My OC's are not up for adoption. Please do not steal my art as they are custom colored. If you need help with a OC of your own I'll help.

*I will RP in any type of world whether it be in a specific anime, game, made up, show, etc.

*I will not RP any pre-made characters or characters that all ready exist alone. A OC of mine has to be used as well.

*Please keep the Role Play going. I hate one word responses.

*If you approach me please pick the OC you want me to portray. I can pick the character as well but, would prefer the other to pick just so that everyone is happy in the RP.

*I try to respond quickly but, please note I am very busy and sometimes I don't reply right away. If I don't respond within 24 hours my message might not have sent as I typically reply on my phone.

*Don't be scared to ask my to RP in any kind of situation as I have basically done it all.

*If I don't have a character that fits your fancy I will make one that fits!
Name Pedigree Points Fee
Name Pedigree Points Fee
Quintesse Welsh Cob 600 150
Ryker Gypsy Vanner 1 50
Syan Thorubred 1 50
Vicente Ardennais 301 150
Volker Mustang 1 50
Atlas Clydesdale 0 100
Marik Waler 0 100

Hello Creatures of the Interwebs!

Meet the OC's (More are to come soon)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stringstorm(more pictures to come)

"This world can be beautiful but, I'd rather be in the stars."

Nickname(s): Stringy, String cheese, speckles

Type: Shapeshifter from cat to wolf.

Age: Unknown she hasn't seemed to age much but is a older adult.

Gender: Female

Power: Strength and speed

Pack: Bright Clan

Position: Deputy

Personality: Quiet, stern, caring at times, always alert.

Mate: Red Fang (deceased)

Children: Golden Storm

Parents: Sky Heart was her mother, Father unknown he died before she was born.

Siblings: Twilight Pelt

Open/Closed:(Currently open but has to be done in a correct setting)

She has been with Red until he died mysteriously. Golden was only 6 at the time. String dissapeared When Golden could take care of herself.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spirit Heart

"Just enjoy the peace while we still can."

Nicknames: SH, Shadow

Type: Cat

Age: 30 Moons

Gender: Female

Mate: used to be Black fire

Kits: Mud Paw, Hawk Fang, Fox Fire, Night Claw, Ruby feather, Cloud Heart

Parents: Spirit Fang and Sky Pelt

Siblings: None

Clan: Had been Spirit Clan

Position: used to be warrior

Personality: Fun, Crazy, hyper at times, serious when doing her job.

Extra: After she was separated from here clan she decided to embrace that she was still alive and that her family was alive. After the clan became a freedom clan she decided to set out on a new adventure.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Eclipse Tail

"Why fight if you don't have a purpose?"

Nickname(s): Justice

Type: Spotted Tabby

Age: 26 Moons

Gender: Female

Mate: None

Kits: None

Parents: unknown she bad been abandoned.

Siblings: None

Clan: had been Moonrise Clan

Position: Used to be Deputy

Personality: Quiet, peaceful, doesn’t fight unless it's necessary

Extra: Her leader abandoned the clan and so she tried to keep it together but eventually everyone went their separate ways as freedom cats.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Thanks for viewing my profile!"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Player Points: 689
Stable: Blue Fields

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 86

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Owned by The x Sapphire x Eclipse

Vicente [1st Gen.] //The conqueror// (15432476) - Ardennais - Stallion (Horse not fed for 38 day(s) )
Volker [1st Gen.] //Sunset Guard// (15433045) - Mustang - Stallion (Horse not fed for 38 day(s) )

Owned by The x Sapphire x Eclipse
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