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  BeautyInDECAY: Character Creator (4377750)
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Hello BeautyInDECAY: Character Creator! You have been a member since 12/1/2007

Take Only Photo's
Leave Only Footprints

Links to Everything
I do outbox only
I don't play animals
I'm afraid I have no humans/mortals so supernatural will have to do
Amor Fati roughly translates to "Love of ones Fate" or "Love of Fate" Formspring: Here
DeviantArt: Here
Fanfiction: Here
Youtube: Here
Howrse: Here

In conjunction with a graphics account with Frussy, I'm doing graphics when I get the time out of school. The prices are okay, because I don't know how good I am in comparison to those who people class as "pro's" but hopefully Ill be one.
Dogs: 50C
Layout: 250c

Characters can be found: Here as well as the "ADOPTABLES" page. On that page I will have characters for sale as well as a form for you to fill in and send to me for custom characters.
Prices are below:
Human Male/Female: 5C
Common Supernatural Male/Female: 8C
Uncommon Supernatural Male/Female: 10C
Rare Supernatural Male/Female: 15C
God/Goddess: 20C
Fictional Male/Female: 25C

Additional: 2C
Includes: Pets, quirks, traits, deep history, deep background, potential plot lines to be used.

Special Deals:
I will be doing special deals for people, for example if someone orders more than five characters at once, they will only have to pay for four or perhaps additional costs may not be added.
One day I may have a half price sale for characters.

Please do not bug me straight away for characters, give me a maximum of 4 days. You will not be asked to pay up front, only when I have completed the character will you be asked to pay and if payment is not received, the information will not be released and the character will be put up for general sale.

Player Points: 40
Stable: Create Characters for resonable prices

Boarding Fee = 1.00 Coins
- does offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 5

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Owned by BeautyInDECAY: Character Creator
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Owned by BeautyInDECAY: Character Creator
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Last show was set up on 11/20/2008
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